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About Us

Launched out of a 1950’s era garage in Napa Valley in 2003, the Wine Garage decided that there were plenty of tasty wines that could be discovered all across California’s wine growing regions for under $25. That year, Todd Miller, our founder, jumped in his 1951 Ford pickup, put the pedal to the metal and headed off in search of small artisanal wine producers that made great wine for a reasonable price. He found plenty. Shaking hands and making many friends from Paso Robles, Santa Ynez, Amador, Mendocino, and Lodi. He loaded up the truck and brought them back to Calistoga to sell in the newest wine shop in Napa Valley. It was a great success, much to the dismay of many Napa wineries who sold their bottles for far more than $25. Years later with many thousands of happy wine club members, some of those same vintners who were shaking their heads back in 2003, decided that maybe the Wine Garage was a good place to off-load some of their excess inventory. Some wineries need to get into their next vintage. They have a pallet of last years’ vintage and want to start selling the current vintage. Or sometimes, there is a cash flow issue.   

The Wine Garage seeks out those deals, and offers them up at bargain prices to their customers. Wineries don’t want to see their $65 Cabs selling for $25 on the internet. That is why the Wine Garage does not publish prices. Our customers get these deals by two avenues: join the wine club, or sign up to the mailing list. Twice a month we send out an email opportunity to purchase a case at bargain prices. We sell no wine that we don’t absolutely love. We guarantee you will love them too, or your money back!